What will society say in 2060?

09 Jan
It seems that people always reflect in horror on how people did things in the past, especially adoption related.  But most aren’t willing or haven’t stopped to consider how what is currently done today in adoption or touches adoption, will be viewed by those in the future…
In 2060 will they shake their heads about the way pregnancy crisis centers were allowed to operate? (note the ‘were’ – here’s to hope…)
Wikipedia has a great comprehensive article on Crisis Pregnancy Centers – much better than I could ever compile including the sheer numbers, religious affiliations, medical misinformation and tactics, court cases and legislative attempts to stop the spread of misinformation by CPC’s, that the government funds these programs, so go see why CPC’s bother me so much.
When I got to the end of the Wikipedia article I was curious about the commentary on Ireland so I clicked on the reference #80 “About Us” and found how Ireland is striving to fix their problem with CPC’s and working towards making them REAL places for people to go to for information about ALL choices…and they do seem real when they point you to and they have created a full-page titled “Don’t be Manipulated” that basically says – Run Away Don’t Walk – if a you see any of these signs in a CPC…and the first line says “Not all agencies are reliable, some have a hidden agenda” and then go on to give really clear examples of the classic hallmarks of hidden agenda’s.
Note I think adoption information should be available at a CPC, but not when it is the primary endpoint/goal post that they want all clients to get too, that I have a real issue with.  Rather a CPC should be mandated to provide ALL options in the same light, or simply call themselves for what they are, a pro-choice dedicated to stopping abortions by any means and then working on you to surrender your baby for adoption regardless of how it will impact you center.  If you chose to promote as a Crisis Pregnancy Center then provide ALL options, honestly, truthfully, and without any manipulation or tactics, plus provide detailed resource information that will help the client on the path they freely chose.  And when they have a religious affiliation, I think they have a duty to their faith to be completely honest, pretty sure that is one of the main requirement in ANY religion, or is it only if it coincides with their agenda?
I have also been very sad to see the resurgence of maternity homes cropping up across the states so I wonder if in 2060, will they do a double shake of their heads saying, “did they not learn anything about the harm done to mothers and children from the Baby Scoop Era?”  Isn’t that the definition of insanity – doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome?  I am thinking about doing a “this was then / this is now” post on maternity homes in the near future.
Will they be disgusted in 2060 to learn that many mothers who were part of pre-birth matching schemes somehow seem to now be having “elective” induced labor and delivery so the paps can be sure to schedule it in and be there for the birth?  Or will that still be happening? 
What do you think will still be part of adoption in 2060?  Will all adult adoptees have access to their Original Birth Certificate?  Will pre-birth matching schemes still be a big part of adoption?  Will adoption as we know it today still be around or will there be something better?  Something kinder and gentler for all parties?  We can only hope and need to keep talking and making sure continual improvement is the goal.
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One response to “What will society say in 2060?

  1. Raven

    January 25, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    I often wonder how people within the adoption community will view adoption 40 years from now. You know, those of us who went through the Baby Scoop Era didn’t know at the time that it would come to be viewed as the BSE or the Closed Era, along with acknowledgement that coercion and shame were the rules of the game. People tend to think that they’re more enlightened than previous generations, and I see a lot of that today. Too many people have absolutely no sense of history, and often the older members of our society are treated as doddering old fools who don’t know which way is up and which way is down. Just the other day, I saw someone call a woman who is in her 50’s an “old biddy….and not one person on that thread said anything at about it.

    Anyway, I see an awful lot of similarities in attitudes lately to the 1950s and early 1960s: the constant bashing of people living in poverty, talking about mentally-ill people as if it’s their choice to be the way they are, the harsh judgments made about women who have “too many” children or the mothers who place their babies for adoption, simply because they can’t provide the type of lives they want for their children.

    In short, I don’t believe for one minute that the BSE or the Closed Era ever really died. I also think we’re seeing the resurgence of many of the societal attitudes that formed the foundation of the BSE.



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