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11 Dec
I talked about this before and linked to a Canadian article. 
Now a new study has been down in the USA.  Please read the short article below discussing the study.
Babies Born To Depressed Moms Have Higher Levels Of Stress Hormones
I think this type of study is one that would actually be worthwhile to do for adoptions and adoptees as long as it was not done on behalf of the adoption industry because we all know the bias the outcome would be based on. 
No matter where on the spectrum a mother is about surrendering her child for adoption from being sure it is the right thing to feeling backed into a corner and worthless from all the rhetoric spoken – it has to impact the baby…and in my opinion not in a good way.
Note that the article talks about the study design (bolding mine)…so I would guess they believe considering adoption would predispose the mother to depression…
The study was conducted with a population of 154 pregnant women, who were over the age of 20, had no plans to move in the 2-year study period, no adoption plans, no chronic medical conditions or medications that would impact the study, no substance abuse issues, no editing disorders, and no bipolar illness.
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  1. Von

    December 11, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    A very interesting a relevant’s the ‘less cuddly’ that interested me in relation to the babies.If in adoption you have a’less cuddly’ baby who is traumatised by loss of attachment and removal you’re going to have a baby who is ‘hard to handle’ for adopters.Thanks TAO I’m going to post on this and thanks for the link.



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