November Adoption Awareness Month – Day Twenty-two

22 Nov

V” is for Veracity…

I imagine any regular readers expected victim or villain but that would be too easy and done already I am sure…and perhaps victim and villain will also be included in your mind reading below.

Definition of Veracity: Veracity means an adherence to the truth, or to truthfulness.

What Is the Principle of Veracity?

If you followed the above link you would read a very clear picture of what the term veracity means in the medical profession.  The subtitles in the article and indeed the entire article could equally apply to the adoption industry if you simply changed a few words.  Subtitles used are Ethical Principles, Considerations, Informed Consent, Professional Ethics, Violations.

I find it strange that all the adoption agencies websites I have been on I have never seen a link to their Code of Ethics which speaks to their Principles of Veracity.  Have you?

The first application of the principle of veracity relates to informed consent and the autonomy of the patient to make decisions based on all available information.

Perhaps it is because they are an “Adoption Agency” they do not see any reason to provide their non-paying clients with all available information regarding choices in regards to her pregnancy?  That they have no responsibility to provide information on ways to ensure family preservation?  That responsibility is on the mother?  I would disagree with that simply because everyone and especially a “Christian” non-profit adoption agency has a moral obligation to ensure fair play.

And yet it happens to all of us who are part of adoption, adoptees – the information provided about our parents and family, the surrendering parents, the adopting parents (who are the ones paying the ‘fees”) – no one is spared and seldom is the agency called on the carpet and made to change their practices.  Instead the agencies use their spokesman the NCFA to deal with it.  Adoptees are labeled anti-adoption, mothers and fathers are ridiculed and dismissed and told they are lying, adoptive parents who speak out should have known better and were told everything…the message is they are the good guys and we all just had a bad experience but it wasn’t their fault – they dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s…

Veracity can be violated in several ways. Omission means that critical relevant facts are intentionally left out when disclosing the patient’s medical information. Commission means that medical personnel intentionally tell the patient or her family a lie. A third, more subtle way to violate the principle of veracity is to cloak the truth in so much medical jargon that the patient or her family will be unable to understand it

I have seen omissions, commissions and the cloaking of the truth of critical relevant facts intentionally left out.  It has happened time and time again.  It happens in all three of the main adoption categories, domestic, international, and foster care.  Adoptive parents have taken them to court – below is just one example from each category.

The link is a perfect example of lack of veracity in foster care adoption.  Texas adoption nightmare, heartache for Arizona family

International adoption In Lawsuit on Adoption, Focus Is on Disclosure

Domestic adoption Burr v Stark Cty. Bd. of Commrs., 491 N.E.2d 1101 (Ohio 1986) Wrongful Adoption

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One response to “November Adoption Awareness Month – Day Twenty-two

  1. Von

    November 22, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    Another great post and so very true.When adoption has a code of ethics it will be unrecognisable.



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