November Adoption Awareness Month – Day Twenty

20 Nov
T” is for Today and Time and Trains..
Today I know where I came from and it is so much more than so many will ever know…
Time is the enemy that we cannot fight. 
Time has run out for most who rode the Orphan Trains…taken from The Children’s Home Society and The New York Foundling Hospital in mid 1800’s and continued until the 1920’s and is widely recognised as is the forerunner of todays Foster Care.  An estimated 200,000 children rode these trains before they were made to stop.
Take the time today to read about those who rode the Orphan Trains at the website below.  Google Orphan Trains and you will find more websites dedicated to preserving their memories of what it was like. The mission of the National Orphan Train Complex is to collect, preserve, interpret and disseminate knowledge about the orphan trains, and the children and agents who rode them.  The museum’s collections, exhibitions, programming and research will engage riders, researchers, and the general public and create an awareness of the Orphan Train Movement
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