November Adoption Awareness Month – Day Ten

10 Nov

J” is for Just…

just (just) adjective
  1. right or fair; equitable; impartial: a just decision
  2. righteous; upright: a just man
  3. deserved; merited: just praise
  4. legally right; lawful; rightful
  5. proper, fitting, etc.: a just balance of colors
  6. well-founded; reasonable: a just suspicion
  7. correct or true: a just report
  8. accurate; exact: a just measure

Origin: ME < OFr juste < L justus, lawful, rightful, proper < jus, right, law: see jury

The laws surrounding adoptees sealed Original Birth Certificates are unjust.  They need to be changed.  I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that we need to be protected from our family or that our family needs to be protected from us.  It makes no sense and is harmful, hurtful and hateful that the adoption industry supports keeping our Original Birth Certificate from us.  
We” are that precious infant that families line up to adopt.  That prospective parents dream of, desire and need so badly that they create blogs about the day they become parents.  “We” are dreams come true for that hole in their heart that only a baby can fill.  “We” are the prize…at least until “We” grow up and then “We” become the enemy, treated like “We” are perpetual children or that “We” will become evil stalkers out to harm our families…at least to the adoption agencies who lobby against our right to our Original Birth Certificate…why is that?  Don’t we count as individuals?  Humans?  Deserving of respect for “OUR” needs and desires to know where “We” came from?     
Ask your adoption agency whether they lobby FOR adult adoptees right to their Original Birth Certificate or AGAINST.  If they (or you) support the NCFA they are against our fight to restore our rights.  They will tell you about the confidentiality that our mothers were given.  I have my surrender document from my court ordered unsealing of my adoption file…not a whisper of a promise of confidentiality to my mother.  Professor Elizabeth Samuels of University of Baltimore School of Law submitted an Opinion piece based on the research into the ‘promise of confidentialty’ she has done and is urging NJ to support the adult adoptees right to their Original Birth Certificate because their was no promise.
What rights will your adopted child have when they become adults?  What are the laws in the state you adopted in?  Even if you have an open adoption your child’s Original Birth Certificate is still sealed if you live in a closed state.  I urge you to stand up and support adoptee rights.  Aren’t “We” worth writing a letter to your state representatives?
A couple of reunions from YouTube that are worth watching…

And stop and think – how on earth are we expected to know if we date/marry a twin, sibling, cousin if we do not know who we are?  Trust me, it’s a thought that runs through our heads when we start dating…wouldn’t you want to know?  Wouldn’t you want your child to know?
Don’t let another generation of adoptee grow up to not have the same rights as everyone else to their own Original Birth Certificate. 
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One response to “November Adoption Awareness Month – Day Ten

  1. folab

    November 11, 2010 at 6:00 am

    Love the first youtube video (especially) and it shows the pure emotion of the issue on the face of a 65 year old man. I wish I could make my family watch it, that and – “Adopted: For the Life of Me.”

    Nice “daily” job! Next year I aspire to do what you’re doing!



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