November Adoption Awareness Month – Day Nine

09 Nov

I” is for Intriguing..Interesting…Insane…

I surfed around this morning and found the following topics to be intriguing, interesting and insane…what do you think?  What did I miss that makes you want to shake your head?
I find it insane, amazing, and bizarre that the ‘unwed‘ mothers of my era (Baby Scoop Era) had to surrender their babies for adoption because of societal views and less than 50 years later…’single‘ women and men are encouraged to adopt and give a baby a good home…and yet the expectant mother is still told by adoption agencies and crisis pregnancy centers how hard it is to be a single parent and how much BETTER it is for a child to grow up in a two parent homeseems like they want it both ways or is it really something else they want…
Interesting that National Adoption Awareness Month was originally and still to this day is designed to encourage families to adopt ‘legally free for adoption children’ who live in foster or group homes…yet adoption agencies etc use this month to promote domestic and international adoption which is NOT about foster children…hats off to Angry Adoptive Mom for her post titled “National Adoption Awareness Month Internet Tour”.
Insane that in 44 states minors can legally sign relinquishment papers without their parents consent and once whatever revocation period has lapsed there is no recourse, and yet in most states if a minor signs a contract they can void the contract at any time before they turn 18…does this not seem wrong to anyone else?
Insane that there is an adoption tax credit designed to help families adopt, yet there is no reciprocal family preservation tax credit…or have I missed something?
Interesting that families fundraise to pay for adoption and people donate while there is the above mentioned adoption tax credit to offset the expenses, and yet I have never seen a family fundraise to help families stay together…what’s up with that?
Intriguing how as soon as ethics or in reality the lack of ethics in adoption comes up, be it a specific case, type of adoption or sending country the discussion becomes heated and personal.  Can’t we just all agree that there is corruption in every type of adoption and work together to eradicate it?  If your adoption was ethical then why get personally offended and jump in the denial mode?  Or is it really okay that some adoptions are corrupt?

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4 responses to “November Adoption Awareness Month – Day Nine

  1. cb

    November 9, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    Good post. I’d been thinking exactly the same thing lately as well!


  2. Von

    November 9, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    The adoption industry is corrupt, always has been corrupt in America.When money changes hands in exchange for babies in transnational adoptions it’s corrupt and ammounts to slavery doesn’t it?


  3. The adopted ones

    November 9, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    Von – I won’t generalize to that extent. Corruption exists there is no doubt. Any time large profits are available it leaves the door wide open for corruption. There are also varying levels of corruption. Personally I think the system is broken as is but there are still good people trying to do what is right so I won’t generalize. Could it be what it should be – which is only finding good homes for children that truly need homes – I like to hope it could be one day, but until a large enough group of individuals speak up collectively and loud enough to be heard…doubtful.

    But we can and must talk about the problems but the tricky part is getting those who are new to listen and be aware.

    We have to do away with the lies and we have to get BACK the rights of adult adoptees to their own original birth certificates. We need adoptive parents to lobby the NFCA to stop lobbying AGAINST legislation to restore our rights. If we don’t the children of todays adoptive parents will have the same lack of rights when they grow up.

    Our words can make a difference if they are heard – that I believe.


  4. The adopted ones

    November 9, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    CB – yah, it just seems like so much is upside down or pear shaped…wherever you look.



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