November Adoption Awareness Month – Day Seven

07 Nov
G” is for Genetics…
Yesterday I talked about the health side of genetics…today simply something everyone takes for granted.
Look around your immediate family.  Now look around your extended family.  Do you see yourself in their physical features, personalities, abilities, mannerisms, traits?  Do you see the same qualities in more than one family member?  Do you take it for granted?
Now imagine looking in the mirror and wondering if the features on your face match and fit?  Asking yourself if others think your face fits together?  This lack of mirroring bothered me my entire life until I saw myself mirrored in my family.  My face finally fit…because I saw myself reflected back.  A surreal experience to say the least. 
Imagine going your entire life and never meeting anyone related to you by blood…I mean really think about it… 
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