November Adoption Awareness Month – Day Six

06 Nov

F” is for Family Health History…

Far too many adult adoptees are finding out the hard way the consequences of living without family health history.  It’s effects are far reaching and do not just impact us the adoptees, but also our children and grandchildren.  Even if you have an open adoption we all know that some will close or you lose contact for a variety of reasons.  Add on the fact that some adoptions are done without even the knowledge of who the father is, let alone his family health history.

Genetic tests are not the answer and I doubt they ever will be because they have only isolated a few genes or genetic combinations for some diseases.  And even if they isolate all the bad genes for all known diseases, how the disease plays out over successive generations provides valuable clues to your risk level.    And insurance companies don’t pay for genetic tests if there is no family health history of the disease.

So many diseases have similar symptoms so when your doctor does not know what runs in your family he is taking care of you with one or both hands tied behind his back.  Treating a disease early is always has better outcomes than treating it late.

In October I wrote two posts that I would encourage you to read that explains why family health history is so important and how even the best family health history taken at the time of adoption fails us, the children you want so badly.

The first post to read is titled Family Health History is important…so why are adoptees left in the dark?  Then come back and read Testing knowledge based on age…

It’s time to stop this but prospective and adoptive parents are the only ones who can do this…

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