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November Adoption Awareness Month – Day Five

E” is for Ethics…

Ethics  n1. (Philosophy) (functioning as singular) the philosophical study of the moral value of human conduct and of the rules and principles that ought to govern it; moral philosophy See also meta-ethics    

 2.(functioning as plural) a social, religious, or civil code of behaviour considered correct, esp that of a particular group, profession, or individual

3.(functioning as plural) the moral fitness of a decision, course of action, etc. he doubted the ethics of their verdict

I think a lot of the problems in adoption could be solved if one would stop and ask, if I was in the opposite position – how would I wish to be treated.

…..have I talked to other adoptive parents with ethics to learn what is right and wrong in adoption?
…..have I researched and learned with an open mind both the positives and negatives in adoption?
…..if I am not sure about open adoption, will I agree anyway so the mother surrenders?
…..will I be able to keep these promises or do I need to take the time to think through the implications?
…..will I be strong enough to say no to unethical behavior even if it means I don’t get a baby?
…..does this child really need to be adopted when the mothers problems are only temporary?
…..if I see the mother being manipulated will I speak up and have her back regardless of the outcome?
… I understand enough of the politics and business of adoption? 

Ethical behavior makes a person great.  My dad lived his life ethically, morally and mindfull.  He would rather help than turn away or take.  He would rather walk away than make a dishonest dollar.  He never lied or use manipulation to come out on top.  

This post is dedicated to my dad.



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