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Testing knowledge based on age…

This is specifically for adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents who may stumble upon this blog.  I was told that the average age of mothers who surrender is now around 25 so that is the age I want you to base your answers from:
When you were 25…
  1. Were your mom and dad alive?
  2. Were both healthy and active?
  3. Did either have hereditary diseases that you knew about and their age at diagnosis?
  4. What about your aunts and uncles were they all alive?
  5. Were they all healthy and active?
  6. Did any of them have hereditary diseases that you knew about and their age at diagnosis? 
  7. If any of them had passed away did you know at what age and from what?
  8. Were all your grandparents alive?
  9. Were they all healthy?
  10. Did any of them have hereditary diseases that you knew of and the age at diagnosis?
  11. Siblings?  Same questions as above.
I would be willing to bet that quite a few would not have had the answers to all these questions…
Now try answering the questions above based on your current age and knowledge.  Could you answer more and in greater detail?  Now consider how much more you may have in another 10 or 20 years…
Again, I would be willing to bet you know more now than you did at 25 because your family health history has evolved and you have become more aware of your own mortality and what you may face based on your own dna.
So just how valid do you think your childs family health history will be when your child is 50 and there are 50+ years of data that is missing?
Don’t you think it is time for change to happen?  
If you are adopting tell your adoption agency that a ‘one time’ medical history form filled out is not okay. 
If you have already adopted ask your agency how they propose you get the information if your child (at any age) is lying in a hospital bed and need current info…
Don’t bury your head in the sand and ‘hope’ it will never happen to your child.

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