Second class citizens

26 Oct
A donor conceived woman has taken the Province of British Columbia to the BC Supreme Court and the judge ruled September 15, 2010 that the trial could proceed.  BC has open records for adoptees and in this case she is arguing that the adoption act is unconstitutional as it discriminates against donor conceived, I’m not a lawyer but it seems like the logical process to include donor conceived in the Act and will not impact adoptees adversely if she wins.
I hope the link and the video in the link below works.
“Children have ‘fundamental’ right to father’s identity, sperm donor trial hears” story.html 
The story also ran in the local papers and the comments show the same level of animosity to the donor conceived as adoptees trying to change laws receive.
Nanaimo-born woman’s search for sperm-donor dad goes to court story.html#Comments
Please let me know if the links do not work…


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