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Breaking news…

Adoption is not a trauma – it’s a blessing…preceded by the comment from him that people from bio families have issues too.

thanks scott simon…because you must be the expert after all – you wrote a book.

by the way just because we are adopted doesn’t mean we did not come from a bio family…which makes your comment about ‘bio families having problems too’ mean what?  that we are aliens? or just ungrateful because we see both the good and bad?  just what were we supposed to have gleaned from that tidbit?  shut up and be grateful?  don’t rock the boat?  don’t try to make adoption only happen as a last resort?  just what was that bio comment for?

by the way they did have other voices which was good and very balanced and if you really want to listen to scott he is the last 15 minutes and that part totally manages to negate all of the first 45 minutes of real conversation because it is so….

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