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I am or I was adopted…New Adoption Terminology

New Postive Adoption Language – Favorite new term:  “Was Adopted” instead of the negative term “Am Adopted”

Lets see if that works…


Born “Baby Girl X….” = status illegitmate infant to unmarried female……(no “am” adopted status here)

Adopted – Name changed to “X…. X…. X….” = status legitimate infant daughter of adoptive parents X……(got to love that magical change from illegitimate to legitimate – poof – done deal – what a relief…but I “am” adopted)

Childhood = status Adopted child of X / Adoptee……(seems like “am” adopted still fits)

Teenager = status Adopted child of X / Adoptee…….(“it” hasn’t gone away yet)

Young adult – Married – Name changed to X… X… X…” = status married / adoptee / adoptive child of X…….(I still “am” adopted)

Middle age adult – Divorced – No Name change (already have had 3) =  status divorced / adoptee / adoptive child of X……(isn’t “it” supposed to be gone?  perhaps if I had changed back to Name number 2? 1? oh right I don’t know name 1 because it is sealed in my adoption records which means I still “am” adopted)

Middle age adult – Married – Name changed again (now 4 times) to X… X… X… = status married / adoptee / adoptive child of X……(nope still there and I changed my name again and I still “am” adopted)

Yeah – adoption is a one time event for sure…once it is done it is done and NEVER follows you through life – done deal – over – get on with life…okay then.

Status – just little old me where the only time in my life when I wasn’t the adoptee and child of my adoptive parents is BEFORE I was adopted which never seems to go away…great new Positive Adoption Language – wrap it up in pretty ribbon and bows and everyone will live happily ever after…uh huh…okay then…how is that supposed to work in real life?  I know – just don’t get adopted…




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