Backyard update…

19 Jul

Last week big puppy and little puppy kept snooping around the shed in the corner of the yard and wanting to go outside all the time…like every half hour…I finally figured out why on Thursday as I stood on the porch waiting for little puppy to come in from over in the corner where the old shed sits…luckily little puppy chose to actually obey my frantic scream for her to come…

A VERY BIG RACCOON was looking down from the open loft area of the shed in the corner.  After little puppy complied and was safely inside the VERY BIG RACCOON with a very concerned expression on her face slowly climbed down to the ground and then climbed back up and sat in the opening – eyeing me and then looking down – then back at me and down again.  Finally, I realized what the concerned look was all about and why the puppies were so curious as TWO BABY RACCOONS slowly inched their way up the wall to MAMA RACCOON…

For the next couple of days both puppies went outside attached to a rope and they were not impressed to say the least because they could not reach the shed in the corner.  Not sure if the Raccoon Family are still in the loft above the shed or found a safer temporary place as they have lived in the loft off and on for years – I think it was just really bad timing and that it may have been the babies first foray out of the nest.  I can imagine learning to climb would be really scary especially with both big and little puppies watching and Mama glaring down.

I just kept imagining if Mama Raccoon had taken on one of the puppies…animals should know better than mess with Mama’s…

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One response to “Backyard update…

  1. shadowtheadoptee

    July 19, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    I’m glad Mamma raccoon and the puppies avoided any confrontations.

    No calf yet. I don’t knnow why Mamma cow doesn’t hurry up. It’s been up around 100 Degrees, so maybe she’s hopeing it will cool down soon? Uhm, not likely to happen in July down here. lol She can’t hold out much longer, but man did she wait until the worst time.



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