Choices made…

07 Jul

July 1st = Canada Day    ~    July 4th = Independence Day for the US

It was noted on the news the difference in how each country severed or changed their ties to England.  The US chose war and Canada followed the peaceful route seeking compromise, keeping the link instead of severing the link, just adjusting the rules and roles along the way.  Of course, there are obvious differences between the two choices which include the time frame of seeking independence – the US 234 years ago as a fledging country much like a child trying to spread their wings and leave the nest, Canada only 143 years ago, perhaps more settled and secure.  Each choice was made in different eras, different monarchs, opposite choices were made, different times – different countries, different people.  Thinking it over each country seems to have followed the path they initially forged in the choice each made so long ago. 
Last week the Queen toured Canada and crowds gathered every place she went for the chance to see The Queen, Our Queen.  The Queen went to the US to address the UN and crowds gathered to see The Queen but not Their Queen anymore.  Choices…
♦   ♦   ♦
As I wander the path of an adoptee and see the differences between what was and what still is, the similarities and differences remind me of the choices each country made so long ago.  One choice the winner takes all the other choice is one of peace and compromise.  Adoption seems to be this way today in many, many ways.  The major players make choices on which game and rules they want to play and what process guides them along the way…but at the end of the day which choices they make, will follow them all days.
♦ Closed/Open
♦ Semi-Open/Open
♦ Adoptive Parents/Birth Parents
♦ My Pain/Your Pain
♦ My Grief/Your Grief
♦ My Title/Your Title
What I see are different inherent differences in how each views the world and lives their life, war or peace, winners and losers, or winners both through compromise.  They say you need to understand history to succeed in this world, I agree.
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