Adoptive parents should ‘get it’…

22 Jun
But some adoptive parents just cannot wrap their heads around the losses inherent in adoption, or that for there to be adoption, there is first a requirement that there be two families and the creation of one child for adoption to exist…Whether it is solely head in the sand mentality or what, but they refuse to take off those adoption sunglasses and that only allows them to view the world with ‘me’ mentality. 
Those that wear those adoption sunglasses believe – they have a family and it is good so everything is good so what is the problem and look at us we are so perfect, we have done all the hard work, and we deserve to be placed on the highest pedestal of the three tiered winners platform, like as in 1st place obviously, we are the parents, the one and only parents.  We are the winners…we don’t share…we earned this title, this right, this, this, this…
Thankfully there are other adoptive parents who clearly understand and respect that all members of the adoption triad are equal and have the right to the same playing field and that in adoption we all have to play nice, share, embrace, involve, coexist, listen and be listened to, accept and be accepted, and not a single position gets to claim what rightly belongs to both…or all…or none…because without each of us there would not be the other…
Can anyone spell DENIAL?  Perhaps those with the adoption sunglasses on should look it up and stop and listen to the definition, before denying the truth of the description – as not applying to me because I am the adoptive parent and I want it all because I deserve it all because I, I, I….
Of course those who this post is directed to won’t ‘get it’…but that is okay because I did not expect them too…but perhaps one day they will understand what respect means when their children don’t respect them because of their own actions and words of denial and refusal to realize what we have all be trying to tell them…
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