questions I wish I knew the answer for…

12 Jun

In today’s domestic infant adoption…

what are the ways adoption agencies, crisis pregnancy centers,  brokers, lawyers, etc. persuade mothers to choose adoption?

is the promise of openness a carrot to get mothers to place?

  • are they told that only a few states have legally binding open adoption agreements and i’s need to be dotted and t’s need to be crossed?
  • do they really understand what semi-open or open means and is anyone advocating and making sure they are protected in this area?

does a mother choose a two parent stable family because she is told it is better for the child?

  • what if the PAPs marriage is in trouble when they match or in the process – do they tell her?
  • what if the PAPs are divorced before the adoption is final?

does a mother choose a family because she believes they can provide a higher education for the child than she can?

  • what if the PAPs do not have any intention of paying or helping the child get a higher education?

does a mother choose a family because they appear financially stable?

  • what if the PAPs do not have to disclose credit card debt on their home study and are not really financially stable?

where is the line in the sand regarding ensuring an ethical domestic adoption?

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