Adoption Laws: Know Your Rights

06 May

Have you ever read your states adoption laws? Frankly, finding them is not that much fun. Reading through them, though a bit mind numbing, was interesting, and, yes; I learned a few things I did not know. Because I’ve gone to the trouble to find them to satisfy my own curiosity, I’m going to post them for anyone interested. These are laws and bills for the state of Texas. If you are an adoptee, adoptive parent, or birthparent in Texas, or any other state for that matter, you should know the adoption laws of your state, for your own protection and knowledge.

As long as I’m posting them, feel free, if you are so inclined, or just really bored, to read through them, and comment.

First, Family Code Chapter 162, which includes laws about adoptive parents access, and adoptee access to non-identifying information.

Second, Health and Safety Code 192, which pertains to birth certificates. Adoptees will find information on access to original birth certificates at 192.008 F, or maybe I should say lack of access. (Sorry, little bit of sarcasm there)

I am also posting a link for SB 499, a bill passed in the Texas senate last year and forwarded to the Texas house. Fortunately, the session ended before the house could pass HB 4470, which I am also posting here.

SB 499 and HB 4470 seem to me to be far from accomplishing their initial purpose of finding a balance between meeting the needs of adoptees, and protecting the privacy of birthparents, but I will save my thoughts and opinions on the bills for another post. Oh, heck, I can’t resist just one comment. It seems to me that these bills really, sort of, screw not only adoptees, but birthparents as well. I’d like to know where exactly they see the balance?

For now, feel free to read these bills, and give your opinion, or comment on them. I will request you be somewhat mature, responsible, and civil in manner if you respond, however, tasteful, humorous sarcasm is welcome. I could always use a good laugh.


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