24 Apr

How would you define being ethical?  I feel strongly about being ethical but trying to put down on paper what it means to me is hard.  I may need to mull it over further but right now this is my attempt at defining it.  What do you think?

  • Looking at the big picture, the facts, ramifications and what is the right thing – before acting?


  • Looking solely at the legal requirements?

Being an ethical person requires me to be at peace with my decision.  But to be at peace the following must be part of the equation:

  • Knowing that I had all the facts from all sides.
  • Knowing that I had listened to the words detailing the facts and did not pre-judge based on my own biases and needs.
  • Knowing that the actions involved were based the golden rule.
  • Knowing that it was a fair and just action.

Whether it is something relatively small in the grand scheme of things like realizing the clerk forgot to ring something in or gave you the wrong change.  Those are the daily ethical dilemma that are easily fixed by speaking up. 

To the serious unethical moves made to coerce the mother to place her child for adoption by parents, fellow church members and professionals, crisis pregnancy centers or any number of adoption businesses. 

Or when the father’s rights are subverted by the mother lying or leaving the state or the agency doing the ‘required advertisement’ in the most obscure magazine possible using the least amount of information possible – all designed to make it realistically improbable that the father would read or understand it was directed at him. 

I am know my parents –  so have no concerns on their part in my adoption,  but am also sure my mother was subjected to societies influence based on the era being the Baby Scoop Era.  I am sure my grandparents also felt that same pressure to conform.  It was not a time to be glorified but there is much to learn from it so that history never repeats itself.

At the end of the day you must do the right thing. Everyone must treat others as they want to be treated.  It is a pretty simple equation for fair play.

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