Adoptees and a study worth reading…


I’m always fascinated by the different feelings about being adopted, how or when they change in either direction.  I shy away from most of the super positive about being adopted adoptees and the very negative about their being adopted adoptee.  Neither end of the spectrum is healthy because life is never all rosy without a glitch or hint of sad, or the opposite, always bad.  There are exceptions to my shying away, I have a sweet, gentle friend on FB who would be seen as a super positive about being adopted adoptee.  She expresses her feelings about being adopted, yet she is also open to listening, looking for similarities to what someone is saying, looks at her experience, and finds things in common.  I think perhaps we are very similar, but our personality and language used, is what makes us seem different.

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I felt disrespected…

Well, I’m back but I’m making it clear – I do not like it when people do something that I said no to, and I realize I’m being cryptic but I’m not one to publicly call someone out.  Just to say, I felt completely blindsided and disrespected.

I’m disappointed.  I expected better.

Now I not sure what to do now, how open I can be anymore.  Still, I like having conversations with people I’ve met online, and found really wonderful conversations can happen.  Thoughtful honest conversations about a really tough subject called adoption.  A subject that at times pits each side against the other, other times can bring all sides together.  I want those conversations to keep happening because I think we all grow from them.

I know I do.

But we don’t grow when people are disrespectful of what you asked them not to do.


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Adoption has changed?


The longer I read adoption posts, especially this month, the more I think that little has truly changed in adoption since my day, except for the spin, whether it is openness, knowledge, or just talking about adoption.  One difference, we didn’t have social media that we have today that can instantly connect you with a community, a way to make contact.  We only had the personal section in a newspaper, or the people who handled the adoption, who mostly seemed to be firmly against the concept of allowing knowledge to be shared, or contact made.  They were the gatekeepers who held, and wielded the power, to keep everything under their control, it wasn’t the families that did that.

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20 Minutes…


Another TED Talk that has nothing, and yet, everything to do with adoption.  It will take 20 minutes of your time to listen.  I think you will gain far more in this fraction of your day, than you will the rest of day, even if it is just a really good reminder.

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Pictures and feelings…


Seeing pictures of family members that mirror you in so many ways…pictures of them doing things that you’ve always loved doing.

Pictures of siblings you should have grown up with. Seeing those pictures, knowing that if everything was normal, you should have shared memories of being part of that family, instead, they are complete strangers that in so many ways, mirror you. Read the rest of this entry »


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Not just one story


It’s time once again to include my favorite TED Talk in a post.  This is the fifth time I have posted it over the years, so many of you have already watched it, but if you are like me, it’s always worth revisiting the message she offers in such a compelling way.  If you haven’t listened to the talk the rest of the post won’t make much sense…  Read the rest of this entry »


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