Closure…is it what people think it is?


I’ve been thinking about what closure is for a long time.  Can you actually close the door on your past, or event, and walk into your future unscathed?  I can’t.  Every single event in my life that touched me so deeply that one would seek closure for – has molded, and shaped me, into who I am, today. Read the rest of this entry »


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Adoption Agency Director Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Bribery in Ethiopia


Yesterday, I was in such a peaceful place, until I read the plea linked in this post, last night, I went to bed angry.   Angry that any adoptee has to have this as their adoption story.

Originally posted on Light of Day Stories:

An international adoption agency staff person pled guilty yesterday in a South Carolina court to providing fraudulent documents to the State Department and to bribing Ethiopian officials. The tragedies created by these actions are unforgivable, and families in the US and in Ethiopia continue to suffer as a result. The ramifications for other adoption agencies and the scrutiny they now find themselves under will be intense–I hope. Particularly important will be Ethiopia’s reaction to the bribing of officials there in the name of international adoption.

Alisa Bevins, former director of Ethiopia programs in the US for the adoption agency International Adoption Guides, yesterday pled guilty to fraud in Ethiopia adoptions. She admitted that she, along with others, submitted fraudulent documents to the US State Department and paid bribes to Ethiopian officials in order to facilitate adoptions.

The “others” would be Mary Mooney, former executive director of IAG, James Harding, former programs director…

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Rambling reflections, thoughts, questions, on being still…


It was hot a few days ago, so I went out and refilled the bird bath with cold water mid afternoon, within a minute, a chickadee landed, took a sip then lifted her head high, and repeated that process multiple times while I watched her from the other side window.

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Expectations of gratitude…


“Hi there, how are you?”  “I’m good, thanks, how are you all doing?”Not bad, busy with work and the kids”… Does this sound fairly typical to you when you meet up with an acquaintance you haven’t seen for a while?  Polite chit-chat that seems to be a ritual of putting on a good face that says nothing to see here, carry on…

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Some won’t ever get it, they don’t want to…


I’m sorry, this post has festered inside of me for a while – and I can’t believe it’s 2014, and still it is needed…so much for how different adoption is today than my day…this is a grumpy post and if you were looking for pleasantries, just skip right on by…

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Why do we wait?


The thought that always strikes me when a friend, family member, famous person passes on, and people start remembering them fondly, recalling stories, is why do we wait until they are no longer present?  Why don’t we celebrate them when they are still on this earth to hear how they have touched the lives of so many, especially for those getting up in years?  That thought again crossed my mind last week when one of my all time favorite actors James Gardner passed away.

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